Advancement without Air

AWAYR® is the revolutionary one step, easy-to-use device to turn porous biomaterials into the ideal graft.

Advancement without Air

AWAYR® is the revolutionary one step, easy-to-use device to turn porous biomaterials into the ideal graft.

A world of advantages

AWAYR® is the most advanced perfusion device available on the market, featuring a wealth of innovative solutions to the benefit of patients, surgeons and hospitals.

Better for the patient

Achieve an enhanced healing process, speed up its early phases with a faster osteointegration and accelerated regeneration.

Better for the surgeon

Forget time-consuming, complex operations and achieve exceptional results in minutes using the innovative and handy syringe-like device directly in the operating theatre.

Cost effective

Save time and money eliminating the need for costly machinery and sophisticated preparation processes.

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A multipurpose device

Evenly saturate musculo-skeletal tissue substitutes with biological fluids, such as whole bone marrow, bone marrow concentrate, blood, PRP, saline solutions, antibiotics, etc.

Drive away the clinical concern of leaving air bubbles inside biomaterials

Air entrapped in pores of biomaterials may drastically compromise cell viability and healing process, leading to potential necrosis, osteolytic reaction and incomplete graft integration.

At present, imbibition is the procedure most commonly adopted in surgical theatres to combine a porous biomaterial with a biological fluid (e.g., bone marrow, cell suspensions, blood, PRP, antibiotics, etc.), by soaking for 5-10 minutes. The fluid penetrates the scaffold by capillarity, hydrophily and gravity.

Porous biomaterial. [ A1 ]

Imbibition leads to only a partial and non-uniform impregnation of the biomaterial borders, with very limited penetration of fluid and cells inside inner porosities.

Partial penetration of fluids by simple dip. Air bubbles remain inside innermost porosities. [ B1 ]

Porous biomaterial
Partial penetration

Perfused grafts (saturated with stem cells and growth factors) allow for an enhanced healing process, speeding up its early phases with an improvement of the graft integration and remodelling.

Under-vacuum perfusion is the appropriate mixing procedure, able to force air bubbles outside porosities (both superficial and deep pores) and to promote biological fluid penetration into central parts of biomaterials.

Porous biomaterial. [ A2 ]

Perfusion guarantees a complete, even and homogeneous impregnation (saturation) of the biomaterial. Under-vacuum condition, biological fluid reaches and penetrates all scaffold pores, even central and deepest ones.

Complete penetration of fluid through under-vacuum perfusion. No air bubbles inside scaffold pores. [ B2 ]

Porous biomaterial
Complete penetration

AWAYR® represents the ultimate saturation solution applicable to most 3D scaffolds. Through its proprietary technology, AWAYR® generates a low pressure drawing the air in the materials out by suitable vacuum, and eliminates any surface tension produced by the air/fluid interface. This enhances optimal and homogeneous cell distribution and infiltration onto porous biomaterials.

At normal pressure, air is entrapped [A] At normal pressure, air is entrapped
Under vacuum, air flow away [B] Under vacuum, air flow away

When using whole bone marrow as biological fluid, AWAYR® allows for cells homogeneous distribution and enrichment into whole biomaterial, through physical entrapment (filter selection) and cell affinity for collagenic structures (adhesion selection). Using AWAYR®, the seeding efficiency is improved to about 90%, and also homogenous distribution of cells all over the scaffold is achieved.


In terms of cell retention inside scaffold, Perfusion with whole bone marrow-like suspension
is equivalent to Imbibition with 4X-bone marrow concentrate.

Cell retention

Discover the innovation

How AWAYR® outperforms imbibition by reducing costs and operational complexity

AWAYR® represents an advancement in hybrid engineered biomaterials science: permits to prepare an ideal graft that mimics autologous bone tissue and helps to improve the surgical and clinical outcome.

AWAYR® homogeneously perfuses several types of porous tissue substitutes (e.g., osseous, cartilaginous, osteo-chondral, tendinous, ligamental, etc.) with biological fluids (e.g., bone marrow, bone marrow concentrate, whole blood, platelet-rich plasma) or physiological solutions with no cell components (e.g., saline solutions, antibiotic solutions, etc.) for use in orthopaedics, neurosurgery, general surgery, plastic and oral-maxillofacial surgery.

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